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Pet Examinations

The Best Care

Dog with Vet

We certainly understand that the health of your pets is very important to you, as it is to us, and we’re here to ensure they receive the best possible care. An animal displaying obvious symptoms can be a relatively easy diagnosis, but many conditions remain seemingly asymptomatic for some time. The goal of our pet examination is to discover and treat ailments before symptoms become severe or ideally prevent them before they arise. In an effort to achieve a long, healthy life for your pets, we recommend a full wellness examination for each pet at least once per year. It is often easiest to conduct the yearly exam at the same time as annual immunizations as it is typically a quick and inherently painless process. We also recommend scheduling a checkup for newly acquired pets because this will allow us to reassure you of their health and give us a starting point for their medical records. Our pet examinations include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Abdomen and anal sac examination to check for swellings, bloating, or any other abnormalities.

  • Bellybutton check in young animals to ensure there is no hernia.

  • Examination of the coat and skin – this can offer insight into the overall health.

  • Checking the genital area for any malformation.

  • Examination of the heart and lungs, checking for any irregularities such as heart murmurs.

  • Manipulation of the joints to ensure they are mobile and functioning correctly.

  • Examination of the ear canals and ear flaps for parasites, infection, growths or tumors.

  • Weight check, where dietary or exercise recommendations may also be made.

  • Examination of the eyes for discharge, redness, and/or abnormal responses to light. 

  • Full dental check up including looking for signs of periodontal disease and loose or broken teeth.

  • Older pets may require blood tests to check their liver, kidneys and other internal organs.

  • Fecal testing may be necessary for certain situations, in which case you may be asked to provide a stool sample from your pet. Fecal testing is conducted to check for internal parasites which live in your pets’ gastrointestinal tract. These parasites can be very detrimental to both the health of the animal and owner.

If a Follow-up appointment is necessary/recommended, we will let you know and assist you in scheduling a date and time that works conveniently with your schedule. 

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